Shelby is an actor & filmmaker living in NYC. 

She grew up hiking, biking, camping, and kayaking in Michigan and cherishes exploring what Mama Nature has to offer.

Shelby graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Acting and TV/Film Production.

She is a proud Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, having received recommended passes in unarmed combat, knife, quarterstaff, rapier & dagger, and broadsword. She also has 20 hours of training in sword and shield (her personal favorite). She was a stage combat teaching assistant during her time at MSU.

In addition to acting & filmmaking, Shelby is a photographer, editor, writer, and digital artist. She loves finding new ways to channel her creativity and is constantly picking up new hobbies, including (but not limited to): embroidery, earring-making, logo design, macramé, upcycling thrift store finds, sewing... and trying really hard to keep plants alive. My god does she try.

Check out some of her ~non-acting~ projects below!